Silicone Tips


Silicone is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, which is a non-toxic, heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly natural material.
It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high elasticity, and acid and alkali resistance. It can be heated in a microwave oven, washed with a dishwasher, or placed in a refrigerator to be refrigerated at low temperature.
Silicone has been widely used in kitchenware products, mothercare products, living goods or medical equipment.

Key Features of Silicone

1.  High Temperature Resistance 

    Temperature resistance from -40 °C to 220°C. Microwave, oven , dishwasher

    and freezer safe.

2. Easy to Clean

    Can be cleaned with Dishwashing Liquid or Dishwasher.

3. Durable

    Stable materials,products are flexible and not easy to damage。

4. Soft and comfortable

    Silicone products are soft, comfortable to the touch, and also malleable.

5. Multiple colors

    Custom colors available.

6. Eco-friendly and non-toxic

    Silicone products can be recycled and non-toxic.